Student Groups at the School of Medicine

Here is a listing of the student groups at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. You can also find listings of student groups run by the School of Public Health, the Medical students, and the Homewood campus.

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Contact: David Vinson (

The Biomedical Scholars Association (BSA) is a tri-school organization whose missions are to support minority graduate students in the Biomedical Sciences and to promote diversity and inclusion within the larger JHMI community. We organize events throughout the year and hold monthly meetings open to all.

Contact: Xingyi Pan (

Our group is the planning and organizing committee for the annual China-U.S. Innovation Summit at the Johns Hopkins University. In a century where globalization is increasingly prevalent, we believe that international conversations are particularly important in solving current issues. Through this summit, we hope to encourage intellectuals to exchange ideas on globally challenging topics, and foster relationships among leaders in various industries. Our group has recruitments in the fall, where you can find out more about our group and what we do through an information session. To join, you must submit an application form and go through an interview.

Contact: Adrianna Ayiotis ( or

The Gertrude Stein Society (GSS) is a tri-school organization that connects the LGBTQA+ students of the Schools of Nursing, Public Heath, and Medicine through social events. To join, please email to be added to email list and hear about future events. GSS used to exist only as a secret club at Hopkins in ‘80s for LGBTQA+ people to connect with one another through faculty brunches and small gatherings. We largely host the same types of events now that we are officially recognized, including faculty dinners, pool parties, graduation celebrations, and tri-school social outings in Baltimore.

Contact: W. Taylor Cottle (

HBN’s mission is to create a stronger biotech community which addresses the diverse interests and career aspirations of its members. We at HBN focus on critical issues in biotechnology and seek to bridge the gap between the three main stakeholders in the biotech field: industry, academia, and government. HBN serves Johns Hopkins University trainees across all campuses and disciplines, who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of biotechnology, provide networking opportunities, skills-based professional development workshops, alumni engagement, and mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs at many levels of training. HBN connects all JHU campuses and works closely with many University and regional partners to grow our biotechnology ecosystem.

Contact: Elena Lopez Ortega (

Hopkins Dance organizes dancing social events and group lessons of different dance styles. No partner or previous experience required!

Contact: Chantelle Lim (

The goal of Hopkins Hikers is to bring together both avid and aspiring outdoor enthusiasts in the Johns Hopkins community, and provide a platform to explore everything the greater Baltimore area has to offer.

Contact: Cristina Rossi (

We are the new Johns Hopkins Improv Club. Improv is a type of comedy theater … where the actors make up the scene on the spot! It is a lot of fun, and also a great way to step out of your comfort zone, and form close bonds in a judgment-free environment. Are you the kind of person who would never be on a stage? Think again: some of us found improv helpful to improve our communication skills. Or you can simply come watch. We will organize events to go see Improv shows and organize Improv classes, no experience needed to join! Want to be involved with the group? Check out our website , facebook page or email us at

Contact: Gabriela Romero-Meza (,

The Hopkins Marathon Team (HMT) is a university-wide student group comprised primarily of students from the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School and Public Health dedicated to promoting personal health and fitness through running. We aim to provide an environment in which both novice and seasoned runners may thrive and achieve personal goals related to long-distance running, whether this means finishing a half marathon or marathon, setting a new personal record or simply finding a running community. HMT organizes weekly long runs in and around Baltimore, provides structured training plans, hosts social events, and encourages experienced runners to give personalized and supportive training advice to novice runners. Anyone interested in joining can sign up for our newsletter on our website or Facebook page to find out when our next group run is and just show up for the run.

Contact: Lionel Chia (

The Johns Hopkins University Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a community of Christians from a variety of denominational backgrounds, and those interested in the Christian faith. We are a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), a national, inter-denominational organization created to build Christian fellowship and outreach in the academic world. Persons of all beliefs and backgrounds can freely come to learn about God and the Bible or to participate in any of our activities. 


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Contact: Yinan Liu (

The Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club (JHGCC) is a graduate student-led group at the Johns Hopkins University that serves members across the Homewood campus, the East Baltimore medical campus and Carey Business School. Our goal is to prepare candidates towards consulting as a viable option by providing them with the expertise that was needed to forge a new career path. JHGCC helps graduate students prepare for a career in consulting through hosting case interview workshops, case competitions and providing pro bono consulting opportunities.

Contact: Talia Henkle (


We are the Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group (JHSPG), a group of Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute (JHMI) that advocates for and communicates about science policy at both the local and federal level. To fulfill our mission, JHSPG has three committees devoted to Advocacy, Communication, and Engagement. We provide JHMI graduate students and postdoctoral fellows experiential opportunities in science policy and communication.


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Contact: Wayne (Taylor) Cottle (

Learn to swim and do swim practices!

Contact: Cynthia Steinhardt (
The goal of this group is to provide an interactive network for anyone interested in the translational aspects of neuroengineering across the schools, departments, and divisions of Johns Hopkins University. Throughout the year, we organize monthly talks with invited speakers about cutting-edge research. We also hold panels on neuroethics and translational work/industry, have social events with students and faculty, and give students opportunities to present their work for the JHU Neuroengineering community throughout the year. To know about our events, follow us on social media and join the listserv (posted on the website).

Contact: Erica Avery (

Love for Animals of Baltimore” or LAB aims to work with both the MD SPCA and BARCS animal shelters. Anyone is welcome to join and we advertise meetings with the GSA Digest.

Contact: Margaret Chow (

Medical and Educational Perspectives (MEP) is an organization that facilitates and fosters interdisciplinary education, entrepreneurship, and medical innovation. MEP does this by hosting two JHMI-recognized, student-run elective courses. In our main fall course, students spend several weeks working in interdisciplinary teams to develop an executive summary for a medical device. In the summer course, students complete evaluations of medical devices through clinical observations at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and hospitals throughout India. Interested students can enroll in the course through the SOM (this is well-advertised via email listservs to all students, postdocs, and staff at the SOM and is also available in the elective course catalog), and if interested in becoming a board member, can contact

Contact: Joshua Taylor (

Come play modern board games! The Modern Board Game Society plays strategy board and card games like Settlers of Catan, Codenames, 7 Wonders, and Coup. We meet weekly to play games at the JHMI campus. Rules are clearly explained for every game so everyone is welcome and no previous experience is required.

Contact: Nemah-Allah Saleh (

The Johns Hopkins Graduate Muslim Student Association (JHGMSA) aims to enrich the social and spiritual lives of Muslims at Johns Hopkins University. We promote interaction and communication among all students of the various graduate programs on the East Baltimore and Homewood campuses by hosting events that increase understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of cultures and religions.

Contact: Gian Molina-Castro (

The mission of Project Bridge is to both foster public interest in scientific research and sharpen our volunteers’ communication skills as scientists. To meet these goals, we plan two types of events: scientific outreach events and scientific communication workshops. We hold demonstration booths at local farmers markets, science cafés, and larger events such as the Baltimore Brain Fest. To promote our growth as scientists, we elevate our communication skills through workshops. To become involved please subscribe to our list-serv. 


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Contact: Rachael Workman Sparklin (

R ladies hosts bi-monthly workshops and networking events for women and underrepresented groups, both within the Hopkins community as well as the broader Baltimore/DC area. The goals of the global R ladies organization are to increase accessibility and provide resources for these groups, and to increase diversity in traditionally homogenous programming fields. Everyone is welcome! Our group can be joined by signing up for our Meetup page, becoming a member of our Slack groups and attending meetings.

Contact: Kristin Gunnarsdottir ( or ( or (

Women of Whiting (WOW) is a student organization at Johns Hopkins University composed of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, providing women in STEM fields with community building, networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. Throughout the year, we organize monthly social and professional- development events with our biggest event being the Women in STEM symposium held in the spring. If you are interested in joining WOW, please email us at to join our mailing list.

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