Updated 10/15/17

Most rooms are free, but some may require a fee, especially if you need A/V equipment. Contact Phil Creswell (pcreswel@jhmi.edu) if you have any questions.

The process for scheduling in the Basic Science Complex is relatively new.
Please read through to the end to make your reservation request:
– All room reservation requests will be made through an online system: http://bscrooms.med.jhmi.edu (website may not work in Chrome, I had to use IE -Eric). Email will no longer be used.
– All room reservations are now available to view online: https://oasis.med.jhmi.edu/.
You can check this system to see available dates and times for the rooms you are looking to reserve before putting in your request.

Instructions for viewing room scheduling using OASIS:
1. To request enrollment in Oasis, please provide a member of the Office of Academic Computing (OAC) with your JHED ID via email (oac@jhmi.edu) or phone (410-955-2359). If your account has expired, you will need to request that OAC reactivates your account.
2. Go to https://oasis.med.jhmi.edu/ & log in with your JHED credentials
3. Select – Calendar from the menu bar
4. Select – Show All Events from the left column
5. Select – Uncheck event categories except “BSC”
6. Hover over or select an event to see details
Until the new school year for SOM starts, you may have to click on “Reselect Year” in the top right and select the next school year from the pulldown list to view events scheduled on the calendar after Aug 11th.

For making CME and Welch room reservations please follow this link. This website is also where you can check to see if a room is currently reserved. Warning, this page can take awhile to load!

Room reservations in CRB1 and CRB2 (including Owen’s Auditorium) please contact Sam Lee (slee225@jhmi.edu).

Reservations for the MD/PhD library please contact Bernadine Harper (bharper@jhmi.edu).

For room reservations in the 1830 Building please contact Evelyn McCann (emmccann@jhmi.edu).