Lab Safety and Compliance

Hopkins Compliance Line

If you or a colleague has a serious concern, you can make a report by calling 1-844-SPEAK2US (1-844-773-2528) or submitting a report online. Reports may be made anonymously and the institution will do all it can to keep any reports confidential and ensure that they are treated seriously and discreetly.

Please make a report if you suspect:

    • Noncompliance with laws and regulations
    • Fraud, waste, or other abuse
    • Workplace violence
    • Faculty, student, or staff misconduct
    • Policy violations, including scientific misconduct
    • Criminal behavior
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Any other ethical or legal concerns

Reports of any type can be made through this central point of contact and they will be steered to the appropriate JHU or JHHS representative for follow-up. The hotline is available for all faculty, staff, and students of Johns Hopkins University. It is also open to faculty, directors, officers, hospital staff, trainees, and associated or affiliated contract workers throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine, including its six hospitals and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.

If safety is an immediate concern, call Security or 911.

Office of Research Integrity

You can visit the Office of Research Integrity’s website here.

If you suspect a colleague, faculty, or staff has done acts that are considered misconduct of research, please consult this document.