About Us

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine acts as a liaison between the graduate student body and all other elements of The Johns Hopkins University. Accordingly, the GSA represents the opinions and ideals of the graduate student body to the faculty and administration, and it reciprocally communicates the ideals and standards of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to the graduate student body. Each Ph.D. and Masters student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is a member of the Graduate Student Association.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources to graduate students and serve as the center for student policy. To do this, we work with university leaders, community members, and professional development groups within the university to provide opportunities for intellectual, professional, and social development to SOM graduates. We support and foster the needs of graduate students through offering discussion forums, funding opportunities, social events, and workshops to aid in many aspects of graduate student life including helping you learn how to find a job, network effectively, and communicate with your peers and mentors.

The GSA hosts a monthly GSA general body meeting, open to any SOM graduate student, at 5:00pm the second Wednesday of every month. Meetings are currently virtual by zoom at the following LINK. 

Come to our meetings to learn about the new and exciting things that are happening (social events, policies, workshops, etc.) and how to get involved with the GSA!