Campus and SOM Resources

Campus Map

To reserve a room on campus, please see this guide.

Security, Transportation, and Inclement Weather

Make sure you sign up for the Emergency Alert System.

You can also download the LiveSafe app which can provide real-time, two-way communication 24/7 between the Department of Corporate Security and members of the Johns Hopkins community when they are on the East Baltimore campus.To take advantage of the app, simply download LiveSafe from the App Store or Google Play. Register and fill out your profile. Select your organization as Johns Hopkins, then select your campus location and affiliation.

Here are some useful security numbers: Emergency- 410-955-5585 (or dial 911), Security operations supervisor on duty- 410-955-5588, Security tip line (recorded line)- 410-614-3903

Johns Hopkins Corporate Security can be contacted at 410-955-5585 and offer an on campus escort service if you ever would feel more safe with an escort.

Baltimore’s public transit system includes buses, a subway line, the Light Rail, and commuter trains. MTA Maryland provides numerous transportation options to the East Baltimore campus.
Inclement weather notifications can be found at the Hopkins alerts page.

Biomedical Odyssey Blog

The Biomedical Odyssey Blog is searching for more graduate student contributors. The blog focuses on showcasing the accomplishments and perspectives of trainees including the students, postdocs, residents, and fellows of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

List of All Resources

Updated 4/3/17

The GSA has compiled many resources in one area in order to facilitate students’ ability to find the information they need. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, send us a message from the contact page telling us what information you wanted so that we can answer your questions and add it to the website!

Specific Graduate Student Policies are available on the SOM website including:

  • Emergency Alert System
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy
  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Graduate Student Honor Code
  • Graduate Student Vacation, Sick, and Parental Leave (Updated New Child Accommodation Policy can be found here)
  • Grievance Procedure for Faculty, Fellows and the Student Body
  • Interaction with Industry
  • Procedures for the Award of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree
  • Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Professional Misconduct
  • Procedures Relating to Student Discipline
  • Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Ph.D. Students at Johns Hopkins University
  • Teacher/Learner Conduct Policy (Student Mistreatment Policy)
  • Veterans Educational Benefits

First Year Resources

  • Questions to Ask Your Advisor
  • Student Lab Representatives
  • Faculty Listings

GSA Resources

  • Listservs
  • Student Representation
  • Travel Awards
  • Tax Information

Campus and SOM Resources

  • Campus Maps and Room Reservations
  • Where to Eat
  • Academic, Seminar, and Event Calendars
  • Registrar’s Office, Notary Public, and Voter Registration
  • Student Insurance and Health Services
  • Security, Transportation, and Inclement Weather
  • Room Reservations
  • Personal Budgets, Taxes, and Discounts
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Travel Information
  • Career Information
  • Mail and Fax Services
  • Poster Printing
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Housing Office
  • Office of International Services
  • Office of Institutional Equity (including sexual harassment and disability services)
  • Biomedical Odyssey Blog — student publication that is searching for more graduate student contributors

Program and SOM Representation
Student Groups

GSA Resources

GSA Resources

GSA Reports

Each Year the GSA Conducts an Annual Student Survey of Graduate Students. If you have any feedback or questions please contact the current MA/PhD committee representatives.


The GSA has several listservs setup to allow you contact the student body as a whole:

    • General SOM grad student list – 
    • The Events Email List ( is for student group and departmental events you would like to share.
    • The Housing Email List ( is for advertising housing or looking for roommates.

If you somehow became unsubscribed to any of these listservs, all four listservs can be found by searching “GSA” on the Hopkins Listserv Webpage.

Career Services at Johns Hopkins SOM

Professional Development

Professional Development and Career Office (PDCO)

PDCO Website



The PDCO provides professional development and career services to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Bloomberg School of Public Health. The offer many resources to students and trainees, including one on one career counselling appointments, grant writing workshops, career fairs, resume advice, LinkedIn clinics, mock interviews, and more. It is never too early or too late to start preparing for your future.

Some compiled quick links:


Biomedical Careers Initiative (BCI)


BCI Website



The BCI program aims to provide information and facilitate training and networking for the broad range of careers available to Ph.D. students upon graduation. The BCI offers short-term internships (approx. 3 months) in areas such as industry R&D, consulting, patent law, science outreach, science communication and more. Internships are paid opportunities, where the company will support your stipend and healthcare insurance.

Some compiled quick links:


Individual Development Plans (IDP’s)

Additionally, Individual Development Plans give advice about different careers. You are encouraged to complete this annually and discuss with your advisor.

Individual Development Plan




Additional Career Resources

JHSPH Career Office

Carey Business School Career Office

Homewood Career Office


Funding Opportunities

Updated 4/1/17

The GSA awards travel awards to help graduate students attend conferences during their time here.

There is a bonus policy agreed to by all Program directors in 2006 that provides a $3,000 bonus to any student who is awarded a nationally based fellowship of at least $10,000. It is the responsibility of the mentor to fund the $3,000 bonus. If the student has not joined a lab yet, it is the responsibility of the program to fund the bonus.

The Provost’s Office maintains a list of available fellowships:
Fellowships for postdocs
Fellowships for PhD students

The lists will be routinely updated, so make sure to go back to the website. On each page there is a button to your right to download an excel file.

You may find these links useful as well:
Internal JHU funding opportunities from centers and institutes at JHU
General Funding resources and databases

Housing Office


The Housing Office is situated on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus to assist students, house staff, postdoctoral fellows, staff and faculty for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and School of Nursing with their off-campus accommodations. Although the Housing Office’s primary focus is on student needs, we are happy to assist faculty and staff looking to move or relocate in the Baltimore area.

To better assist you with your search in finding the perfect home, the JHMI Housing website was created to help you find affordable and safe housing in the Baltimore area as well as answer many other questions you may have about Baltimore, student life, roommate finder, furniture for sale, carpools, hotels, daycare, transportation information, school systems in the city and surrounding counties, as well as other useful resources. The Housing Office also provides personal consultations if you require additional assistance.

The Johns Hopkins Housing Website



Facebook Page – Office of Housing & Residential Life, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
The Facebook page will provide information about events in Baltimore, events on campus, rental specials throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas, new vendors to check out, and much more!

Rental property owners are responsible for reporting their information fairly and accurately. Please take the time to read the disclaimer in full in the user agreement. You are encouraged to inspect properties carefully as well as the surrounding neighborhood to make sure you will be comfortable in your new environment. Please contact the Housing Office if you are a first-time renter, would like advice, or would like additional off-campus housing information and resources. Please call 410-955-3905 or

Off Campus Partners is a for profit institution that provides a venue for property listings through The Johns Hopkins University. Off Campus Partners receives fees from property owners or management agents and JHU will receive a percentage of these fees from Off Campus Partners.

PLEASE NOTE: The Johns Hopkins University does not endorse any of the property owners/companies listed on this site, or the Johns Hopkins Housing website, or any other company, products or services by virtue of making this service accessible to the JHU community.


Additional Resources

Housing Tips
Please use this document as a resource before and during your new home search. This document provides useful tips about what to look for and what to know as you begin your search.

Apartment Checklist
Please use this document as a resource before and during your new home search. You can use this checklist when looking at apartment complexes or private rentals. This document can also be used by you and your landlord to agree upon items that need to be addressed before you move in.

Hotel Information
Please use this document as a resource. When contacting hotels for availability, please make sure you tell them you are affiliated with the University or here on business to receive the University rate.

Moving Companies
Please use this document as a resource. There are local and national companies that can assist you with your moving process.

Daycares & Preschools
Please use this document as a resource for your daycare and preschools needs. Please note, daycare in Baltimore can range from $200-$480 per week depending on the type of daycare you choose. Most preschools in the area are private and offer full and half-day programs. Please contact individuals or companies for their rates with regards to daycare and preschool packages.


If you have questions for the Johns Hopkins Housing Office about the new site or other housing services, please contact the Housing Director, Robin Lenzo at 410-955-3905 or You may also visit our office at:

The Johns Hopkins University – East Baltimore Campus
1620 McElderry Street
Reed Hall, Suite 403
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 410-955-3905
Fax: 410-955-3836
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Last updated: 9/2020

Shuttle Escort Service Announcement

Updated 7/18/17

To: Johns Hopkins University and Health System faculty, staff, students and trainees on the East Baltimore campus

In December 2016, the Corporate Security and Transportation team began a pilot vehicular escort service on the East Baltimore campus. The 24/7 service was intended for Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System faculty and staff members, students and trainees who reside within the pilot specified area. During the course of the pilot, a survey was conducted to gauge ridership satisfaction and to better understand peak hours of usage for the service. The survey revealed that the pilot was well received and highlighted peak ridership use between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight.

As part of this evolving pilot program, we are pleased to announce that the service will continue. However, due to budgetary constraints, the hours of service will be adjusted to a schedule of 4 p.m. to midnight on Monday through Friday. This will become effective July 2, at 12:01 a.m. We are currently researching options for a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for the East Baltimore vehicle escort program. Please see details below:

Eligibility for the 4 p.m.-to-midnight, Monday-through-Friday vehicle escort service will remain the same. All Johns Hopkins University and Health System faculty and staff members, students and trainees who reside within the pilot specified area are eligible to request a ride. A valid Johns Hopkins ID will be required.

The vehicle escort service will continue to provide rides to and from the East Baltimore campus within the pilot boundaries: Federal Street to the north, Eastern Avenue to the south, Harford Road to the west, and the eastern boundary will be extended to Ellwood Avenue, consistent with the Route 7 shuttle.

To request a ride, call our Transportation Office at 410-502-6880 and provide the following information:

· Your name (First and Last)
· Your Johns Hopkins ID badge number
· Your Johns Hopkins JHED ID
· Your pick-up and drop-off locations
· A telephone number where you can be reached

The pick-up and drop-off locations must be within the boundaries noted above and must be to or from an East Baltimore campus facility.

When the escort vehicle arrives, please display your valid Johns Hopkins ID badge to the driver prior to entering the vehicle. The escort vehicle can be identified by the blue sign on the front door with the Johns Hopkins logo and the words CORPORATE SECURITY ESCORT SERVICE. Please allow additional time to be picked up or to reach your destination, as our drivers may have other passengers to pick up and drop off along the route.

As a reminder, Corporate Security runs a free courtesy shuttle service, which is available after hours from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday through Friday. These shuttles will provide rides from the East Baltimore campus to a destination within the pilot boundaries only and are not available for off-campus pick-ups.
If you have any questions about the vehicle escort options or shuttle service, please contact our Transportation Office at 410-502-6880 or visit In addition, Corporate Security provides 24/7 walking escorts anywhere within campus boundaries. Please call 410-955-5585 to request a walking escort.

Neil Marshall
Director, Parking and Transportation
The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Room Reservation Guidelines

Updated 10/15/17

Most rooms are free, but some may require a fee, especially if you need A/V equipment. Contact Phil Creswell ( if you have any questions.

The process for scheduling in the Basic Science Complex is relatively new.
Please read through to the end to make your reservation request:
– All room reservation requests will be made through an online system: (website may not work in Chrome, I had to use IE -Eric). Email will no longer be used.
– All room reservations are now available to view online:
You can check this system to see available dates and times for the rooms you are looking to reserve before putting in your request.

Instructions for viewing room scheduling using OASIS:
1. To request enrollment in Oasis, please provide a member of the Office of Academic Computing (OAC) with your JHED ID via email ( or phone (410-955-2359). If your account has expired, you will need to request that OAC reactivates your account.
2. Go to & log in with your JHED credentials
3. Select – Calendar from the menu bar
4. Select – Show All Events from the left column
5. Select – Uncheck event categories except “BSC”
6. Hover over or select an event to see details
Until the new school year for SOM starts, you may have to click on “Reselect Year” in the top right and select the next school year from the pulldown list to view events scheduled on the calendar after Aug 11th.

For making CME and Welch room reservations please follow this link. This website is also where you can check to see if a room is currently reserved. Warning, this page can take awhile to load!

Room reservations in CRB1 and CRB2 (including Owen’s Auditorium) please contact Sam Lee (

Reservations for the MD/PhD library please contact Bernadine Harper (

For room reservations in the 1830 Building please contact Evelyn McCann (

SOM Committees

SOM Committees

Besides the internal GSA Committees, the GSA provides representation for the graduate student body at multiple levels of the Johns Hopkins University institutions. These committees are an important way to convey students’ concerns and are a great opportunity for current students to gain experience. If you have a question that pertains to a committee, you may reach out to the student representative.

If any position is open, we encourage you to contact the President (Madison James –  about the position.


Alumni RepresentativeMadison (MJ)
Doctor of Philosophy BoardSOPH This year (we get a seat in 2021-2022) 
Faculty Senate RepresentativeJoshua
Institute for Excellence in Education Board (IEE)Madison (MJ)
MA/PhD Committee Rep #1Selena
MA/PhD Committee Rep #2Parris
OIE RepresentativeKatie
PDCO Student Group CommitteeGian
Peer MentoringShantel
Provost Advisory Team on HealthcareMadison (MJ)
Ph.D. Student Advisory CommitteeMadison (MJ)
Safety Student Advisory Committee  
Student Assistance Program (JHSAP)  
Student Health Committee 1Amanda
Student Health Committee 2Kusuma
Welch Library Advisory Council  

Issues to consider when choosing an advisor

Updated 4/1/17

These can be asked of the advisor, the students in the lab, or found out online.

The mission of the Graduate Student Association is to support the quality of life of all Masters and PhD students at the School of Medicine. Results of our annual survey show that the mentoring relationship is one of the most important factors impacting student happiness and success. We have developed the following questions to help you make an informed decision when choosing a PI.


  1. What are the current projects that I might be working on?
  2. How much flexibility will I have in designing the direction of my project?
  3. What is the strategy for determining if a project will sink or swim?
  4. How many papers did the 10 most recent students publish from this lab? What journals
    were they published in?

Mentoring style:

  1. When it becomes time to write the paper, how will the work be divided up?
  2. How responsive is the advisor? How long does it take him/her to return written material
    with comments?
  3. How does the advisor handle authorship disputes?
  4. What is the time to degree for the 10 most recent students?
  5. How frequently does the advisor meet one-on-one with their students?
  6. How frequent are lab meetings?
  7. Does the lab participate in regular journal clubs?
  8. How accessible is the advisor for discussion?


  1. What is the funding situation? You want him/her to have at least one R01 (or HHMI funding) that will not expire for a few years. Having to perform only very cheap experiments can seriously impact your graduate education.
  2. Will the advisor help me apply for fellowships?
  3. How many new students will the advisor be able to take this year? How many students are looking to rotate in the lab?

Work hours:

  1. How many hours per week are students expected to work? Do the advisor prefer students to work a set schedule?
  2. What is the policy regarding vacations? Will I be able to return to my home country for a month each year?
  3. How much time does he/she spend away from campus? Is he/she available during the summer


  1. What is the advisor’s opinion on training for nonacademic careers? Does he/she have any connections to people in the field you’re interested in?
  2. Would I be able to take time off to do an internship?
  3. What careers did your previous students pursue?
  4. What conferences do students in this lab usually attend? How would I afford conference attendance?


  1. What makes someone a good fit for this group?
  2. Are there other students in the lab? If there are no other students, there may be underlying funding difficulties, you may be lonely, and there may be a lot of pressure on you to produce results. However, you will get a lot of attention and be guaranteed the best project.
  3. Similarly, what is the age/level of the PI? Young PIs are excited and driven and you will likely produce the most important data for their lab. However, they are also lowly funded, untested, and do not carry a lot of weight for fellowship applications. Very old PIs might be winding down their lab in preparation for retirement.
  4. Are there postdocs in the lab? Postdocs are a great teaching resource, especially if your advisor hasn’t touched a pipette in decades.
  5. Does the lab have a technician? This is a huge bonus as you won’t have to spend time doing menial tasks and can focus on the research.
  6. Ask the current students if they would choose the advisor again if they could do it over.
  7. Is the atmosphere of the lab conducive with your work style? Do you want a party atmosphere, absolute quiet, or something in between? Does the lab organize group social activities?
  8. Also think about the department. Does it offer opportunity to practice presenting? What technology/equipment is available? Is it collegial?
  9. What is the reputation of the advisor within the discipline?
  10. Is the advisor likely to remain on the faculty for the duration of your degree work?
  11. Overall, do you think you will be able to honestly and confidently talk with this person when you have disagreements about project direction? Will you be able to ask them for time off? Will you feel supported during the lowest points of graduate school?