Program Representatives

Student program representatives are integral to well-functioning communication lines between the GSA and the student body. The student program representatives both convey concerns to the GSA executive board that can be addressed internally or brought up with the school administration and disseminate information about the GSA and any decisions the school administration makes to the students in their programs.


Program Representative Requirements:

  • Attend all GSA General Body Meetings
  • Serve as a liaison between the GSA and your individual program
    • Share general body meeting minutes with your program student body
    • Communicate information and policy changes
    • Voice concerns and suggestions brought forth by an individual program
    • Participate in general body meeting discussions
    • Volunteer at GSA sponsored events

Student program representatives will have viewing access to all executive board materials, including: the GSA budget, executive board meeting minutes, travel award decisions, student group funding requests/decisions, contact lists, and important documents (i.e. the Constitution).


2020-2021 Program Representatives:

Program Name: Email:
Art as Applied to Medicine Emily Cheng
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology (BCMB) Allison Daitch
Biological Chemistry Chris Mahone
Biomedical Engineering (BME)] Milad Razavi Mohseni
Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) Marija Debeljak
Cellular and Molecular Physiology Jiachen Chu
Functional Anatomy and Evolution Catherine Llera
Health Sciences Informatics Abdulaziz Alaqeel
History of Medicine Michael Healey
Human Genetics & Molecular Biology Elise Walsh
Immunology Kusuma Ananth; Stormy Ruiz;
Neuroscience Abel Corver
Pathobiology Logan George
Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences Eric Chen
Program in Molecular Biophysics Morgan Beckett
XDBio Amanda Johnson