Program and SOM Representation

SOM Committees

Besides the internal GSA Committees, the GSA provides representation for the graduate student body at multiple levels of the Johns Hopkins University institutions. These committees are an important way to convey students’ concerns and are a great opportunity for current students to gain experience. If you have a question that pertains to a committee, you may reach out to the student representative. If any position is open, we encourage you to contact the President, Kaiti Wood ( about the position.

Student program representatives are integral to well-functioning communication lines between the GSA and the student body. The student program representatives both convey concerns to the GSA executive board that can be addressed internally or brought up with the school administration and disseminate information about the GSA and any decisions the school administration makes to the students in their programs.

Program Representatives

Student program representatives are required to email their program the GSA general body meeting minutes. It is encouraged that representatives pick events or topics brought up at the meeting that are especially relevant to their program. Student program representatives will have viewing access to all executive board materials, including: the GSA budget, executive board meeting minutes, travel award decisions, student group funding requests/decisions, contact lists, and important documents (i.e. the Constitution). The executive board shall hold two feedback sessions every year for program representatives to voice their concerns and suggestions for any number of things, e.g. better communication, new social events, new extracurricular education programming ideas, etc.