The GSA council, which is composed of the Executive Board and the Program Representatives, governs the GSA and votes to approve decisions of the Executive Board. The Executive Board, in charge of proposing policies, allocating funds, and making recommendations to the upper administration, consists of 8 members: President, President-Elect, Vice President of General Affairs, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Events, and Vice President of Policy and Programming, and Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. The Program Representatives consist of one student from every department/program at the SOM.

Here is the current Executive Board for 2017-2018:

GSA Executive Board Members for 2017-2018
Position Board Member Email
President Ashley Cook ashley.cook@jhmi.edu
President Elect Kyle Cavagnini kcavagn2@jhu.edu
VP of Events Eric Hartman ehartman@jhmi.edu
VP of Finance Emmanuel Datan edatan1@jhmi.edu
VP of General Affairs Emily Maggioncalda emaggio1@jhmi.edu
VP of Public Relations Katie Marshall kmarsh17@jhmi.edu
VP of Diversity and Inclusion Adler Archer adlerarcher@jhmi.edu
VP of Policy and Programming Maria (MC) Vitery mvitery1@jhmi.edu