2020-2021 GSA Executive Board

The GSA council, which is composed of the Executive Board and the Program Representatives, governs the GSA and votes to approve decisions of the Executive Board. The Executive Board, in charge of proposing policies, allocating funds, and making recommendations to the upper administration, consists of 8 members: President, President-Elect, Vice President of General Affairs, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Events, and Vice President of Policy and Programming, and Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. The Program Representatives consist of one student from every department/program at the SOM.

Madison James (MJ; she/her)

Position: President
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
3rd year PhD candidate in Pathobiology
Favorite thing about Baltimore? "I love Baltimore's proximity to the water and never-ending list of amazing places to eat."


Selena Guerrero-Martin (she/her)

Position: President Elect
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
3rd year PhD candidate in Cell and Molecular Medicine
Labs of Dr. Kelly Metcalf Pate and Dr. Janice Clements
Favorite thing about Baltimore? "I might be biased but my favorite thing about Baltimore is the people. Baltimoreans are a diverse group of friendly, tenacious, passionate people and there are so many different things happening in the City that there are people from all over the world drawn into the community, as well."


Andrew Wilson (he/him)

Position: Vice President of Events
Hometown: Sidney, ME
2nd year PhD Student in Pathobiology
Lab of Dr. Tom Lloyd
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "I love the number of places to eat in Baltimore along with the ample events throughout the city."


Alex Beaver (he/him)

Position: Vice President of Public Relations
Hometown: Richmond, VA
4th Year PhD candidate in Pathobiology
Lab of Dr. Monica Mugnier
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "All of the social sports leagues in the city"


Alana MacDonald (she/her)

Position: Vice President of General Affairs
Hometown: Rochester, NY
4th year PhD candidate in Immunology
Lab of Dr. T.C. Wu and Dr. Chien-Fu Hung
Favorite thing about Baltimore? "Ekiben, Earthtreks and running through Patterson Park!"


Ayah Nuriddin (she/her)

Position: Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
7th Year PhD candidate in History of Medicine
Lab: It's history....
Favorite thing about Baltimore: "Baltimore is great because it has a little bit of everything – food, entertainment, museums, historic sights! Also there’s a Rock Opera."


Joshua Taylor (he/him)

Position: Vice President of Finance
Hometown: Middleburg, FL
3rd year PhD candidate in Immunology
Lab of Dr. Nilabh Shastri
Favorite thing about Baltimore? "Outside of the main city and enjoying the nature scene more towards Lake Roland."


Shanshan Song (she/her)

Position: Vice President of Policy and Programming
Hometown: Chongqing, China
2nd year PhD student in Health Sciences Informatics
Favorite thing about Baltimore? “Multilayered history. Ice cream spoon from Charmery, and fries from The Local Fry. ”