GSA Resources

GSA Reports

Each Year the GSA Conducts an Annual Student Survey of Graduate Students. Here is the 2019 GSA Survey Report. If you have any feedback or questions please contact the current MA/PhD committee representatives.

You can also learn more about our activities and advocacy in the 2018-2019 GSA Report.


The GSA has several listservs setup to allow you contact the student body as a whole:
The Events Email List ( is for student group and departmental events you would like to share.
The Reagents Email List ( is for requesting reagents from fellow grad students.
The Housing Email List ( is for advertising housing or looking for roommates.
If you somehow became unsubscribed to any of these listservs, all four listservs can be found by searching “GSA” on the Hopkins Listserv Webpage.

Student Representation

The GSA has many way for students to get involved in how both the GSA and the SOM operate.  You can check out the GSA Committees and the SOM Committees to see if any existing committees would fit with how you would like to help or if you have questions you want to ask.  Every program also has a student representative who is available to answer questions.

Travel Awards

The GSA grants travel awards to help graduate students attend conferences during their time here.

Apply for a travel award here!

Tax Information

Taxes are especially difficult for graduate students. Take a look at our notes here, which should help you navigate the murky waters of the American tax code. The IRS has a Free File Program that most graduate students will be able to take advantage of to file both federal and state taxes for free.