The Peer Mentoring Committee

The overarching goal of Peer Mentoring is to facilitate a community at Hopkins where students feel connected and empowered to make meaningful differences. Being connected means being comfortable to reach out to other students to ask and give help where it is appropriate. Empowerment in this context refers to accepting, inspiring, and strengthening both oneself and others through mutual support and encouragement. Graduate school is not supposed to be easy, but we are here to make the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone.

Combined Happy Hours and Group discussions: Group meetings are open to PhD graduate students at the School of Medicine. Each meeting will provide a safe space for participants to openly discuss topics relating to their experience and any challenges they may face in graduate school. Most meetings will have a theme to focus on. The format of these groups allows peers to reach out to each other for support, to connect at a more intimate level, and to gain new insights from perspectives other than their own.

Please Reach Out:
If you have any questions or are interested in joining the committee please contact Hannah Little and/or Amber de Groot (,