GSA Committees

Updated 8/7/17

The GSA has several committees set up to help the executive board with the tasks of running the GSA and to address matters important to students.

Please check out our committees if you are interested in joining or if you just want some more information on what we are working on.

Through advocacy, education and outreach, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee fosters a community in which all graduate students at the School of Medicine can pursue academic and professional excellence.
The Events Committee works to increase the social opportunities available to students in the SOM.
The Finance Committee addresses the budgets of the GSA and student groups as well as awards travel grants.
The Graduate Coating Ceremony Committee organizes in all ways the graduate coating ceremony for those students who have passed their doctoral board examinations.
The Peer Mentoring Committee facilitates a community at Hopkins where students feel connected and empowered to make meaningful differences, discuss topics relating to their experience and any challenges they may face in graduate school, and gain new insights from perspectives other than their own.

In addition, there are SOM run committees to which the GSA appoints interested students.