Finance Committee

Welcome to the Johns Hopkins GSA Finance Committee web page! The committee’s core value is to facilitate your graduate experience at Johns Hopkins by providing resources within the university and beyond that compliment your goals.

The Finance Committee is composed of the GSA President, President-elect, Vice-President for Finance, and students from the different graduate programs of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This committee drafts and maintains the GSA budget around programs and activities that seek to improve the training experience at the School of Medicine. The fiduciary duty of the committee to the student body currently involves finance-related seminars, income tax talks, GSA-funding of student groups, and GSA Travel awards (4 cycles every year).

Participating in the committee offers the valuable opportunity to develop skills in peer evaluation since the Travel Award process is akin to the evaluation of grants in study sections. Criteria used for ranking include merit, financial need, applicant’s year in school, PI reference letter, etc. After each committee member reviews and scores the applications, the committee meets in person to discuss, build a consensus, and select the winners for the GSA Travel Awards. Serving on the committee takes about 10 hours per award cycle. To sign up for the committee, please contact the GSA’s VP of Finance at

Countless volunteers have dedicated their time, energy, and abilities to the GSA through the finance committee. A list of committee members and their year of service are found below:

2017/2018 Committee: Emmanuel Datan (V.Pres.-Finance), Ashley Cook (Pres.), Kyle Cavagnini (Pres. elect), August Li (member), Vincent Guo (member), Johanna Robertson (Member), Shuo Li (Member), and Jacee Huang (Member).

2016/2017 Committee: Jesse Yoder (V.Pres.-Finance), Kelsey Bettridge (Pres.), Ashley Cook (Pres. elect), Johanna Robertson (Member), Shuo Li (Member), Jacee Huang (Member), and Emmanuel Datan (Member).