Jackie at the American Society for Radiation Oncology Conference

Jackie used her GSA Travel Award to attend the 2017 American Society for Radiation Oncology Conference.

“I presented a poster of my work but also had the opportunity to attend great talks, learn more about the field, and network with clinicians and scientists.”

-Jackie Douglas

Alyssa at the Keystone Symposia Conference on Cancer Immunotherapy

The GSA Travel Award allowed me to travel to Whistler, BC and present my thesis work at an international Keystone Symposia conference on Cancer Immunotherapy. Presenting to a crowd of ~650 researchers was my largest oral presentation of my PhD and was a fantastic learning experience that would not have been possible without the help of GSA. Presenting at the conference resulted in a new collaboration with an industry partner and networking opportunities for possible job offers.
– Alyssa Kosmides

Janaka at the SPIE BiOS Conference

My PhD research focuses on developing state-of-the-art multi-contrast optical imaging systems for neuroscientific and oncology applications. One of my projects was to use in vivo optical imaging to characterize how different parts of the “resting” brain communicate. This technique is also known as resting state functional connectivity (rsFC) mapping and can be a powerful tool for diagnosing brain diseases as well as to track recovery from such diseases. This project was focused on conducting rsFC mapping at the microvascular scale using optical imaging methods. I am extremely grateful for the GSA Travel Award because it enabled me to share the latest results from this project at the annual SPIE BiOS conference – the largest biophotonics conference in the country, and also enabled me to expand my professional network.
– Janaka Senarathna

Wendy at the Gordon Research Conference on Glial Biology

Attending the Gordon Research Conference on Glial Biology was a transformative experience. Being holed up in the same conference room with 200 strangers for a week made for great (if not always lucid) interactions, and I left the meeting with an enhanced sense of belonging to the glial community. Even better, I got to show my work to two prospective postdoctoral mentors and secured standing invitations to visit their labs for interviews. I can’t imagine having a more productive week, career-wise, and the GSA travel award really helped to make it happen! Thanks GSA!
-Wendy Xin