Campus and SOM Resources

Campus Map

Here are the campus maps for East Baltimore, Homewood, Bayview, and the hospital.

To reserve a room on campus, please see this guide.

All-Gender Restrooms

For information regarding all-gender restrooms across JHU campuses click here.

For a map of said restrooms click here.

Where to Eat

There are several locations on for food, including but not limited to:

  • Greenhouse Cafe, PCTB ground floor ($) open M-F, 6:30am to 3pm
  • Garden Plate, 9th floor School of Public Health ($$), open M-F, 8am to 4pm
  • Daily Grind, 3rd floor MRB or 2nd floor School of Public Health ($$), open M-F, 7am to 5pm
  • Cobblestone Cafe, Johns Hopkins Hospital ($), open M-F, 6am to 4pm
  • Hospital Food Court (Baja Fresh, Einstein Bagels, Nobel Roman’s, Subway) ($-$$), Johns Hopkins Hospital, open M-F variable hours
  • Salad Creations, Johns Hopkins Hospital ($$), M-F 10am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm
  • Balducci’s, Johns Hopkins Hospital ($$), M-F 6am to 7:30pm, S/S 7am to 5pm

There are several food truck options that meet on the corner of Wolfe St. and Monument St., as well as on Ashland Ave. near Atwater’s. Find what you want here.

There are also several food options close to campus. Here are a few of our favorites:

Academic, Seminar, and Event Calendars

Here you can find this year’s and previous years’ academic calendars.

Each school has a calendar that lists their seminars: SOM, SPH, and SON.

For upcoming student group events, see our upcoming events page.

For information about commencement and convocation, visit the official website here.

For graduation requirements please see your program’s specific requirements, as these vary program to program.

Registrar’s Office, Notary Public, and Voter Registration

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Registrar’s Office is the repository for all academic records for School of Medicine medical and graduate students and is located at in Suite 147 of the Edward D. Miller Research Building (MRB), 733 North Broadway.

The Registrar’s office allows you to view your grades online or by email, request certification letters, and request a transcript.

Major student activities coordinated through the Registrar’s Office includes the SOM graduation/convocation ceremony and student orientation.

The MA/PhD committee has been working hard over the past year to solidify course work graduation requirements for the PhD programs at the SOM. Here are the current Procedures for the Award of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree current as of April 17, 2017.

The JHU Doctor of Philosophy Board has developed a statement of Rights and Responsibilities for doctoral students at Johns Hopkins to emphasize the most important aspects of PhD education.

If you are in need of a notary public, one is available to you for reduced and sometimes free cost at the Registrar’s Office in the Miller Research Building. The notary public is available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am to 4:30pm.

The SOM also provides information about voter registration and has a limited number of forms available in the Registrar’s Office to register in Maryland.

Student Insurance and Health Services

Information about student health (EHP) and dental (Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield) insurance can be found here. Students should review their Employee Health Plan benefits. If you ever have questions about billing, contact Carol Han at the UHS billing/benefits office.

You will need to make 4 online accounts to have full access to your insurance and billing information.

  1. Hopkins EHP Medical Insurance at
  2. Hopkins MyChart for test results and appointment scheduling notifications outside of UHS at
  3. CVS Caremark for mail order prescription drugs at
  4. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield for dental insurance at

A good summary for medical benefits including health, dental, vision, and pharmacies can be found at the website of University Health Services, which is the main point of care for students at the SOM and includes University Mental Health. The Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program is available to help with counseling and always has a counselor on call if you want or need to talk with someone immediately.

You can also use the Hopkins Dentistry Office.

The Hopkins Outpatient Pharmacies offer a discount to everyone with a Hopkins badge. Our mail order pharmacy is provided by Caremark.

Information about other clinical centers, departments, and lab services (including the phlebotomy lab) can be found from the hospital’s clinical services webpage.

Security, Transportation, and Inclement Weather

Make sure you sign up for the Emergency Alert System.

You can also download the LiveSafe app which can provide real-time, two-way communication 24/7 between the Department of Corporate Security and members of the Johns Hopkins community when they are on the East Baltimore campus.To take advantage of the app, simply download LiveSafe from the App Store or Google Play. Register and fill out your profile. Select your organization as Johns Hopkins, then select your campus location and affiliation.

Here are some useful security numbers: Emergency- 410-955-5585 (or dial 911), Security operations supervisor on duty- 410-955-5588, Security tip line (recorded line)- 410-614-3903

Johns Hopkins Corporate Security can be contacted at 410-955-5585 and offer an on campus escort service if you ever would feel more safe with an escort.

There is also a shuttle escort service to and from the East Baltimore campus Monday-Friday from 4pm-midnight.

The SOM offers shuttles routes between different campuses and around Baltimore along with real-time shuttle tracking.

Here’s a convenient overview of transportation and parking at Hopkins, including information about how to get a subsidized parking spot on campus. Note: To use the free “after-hours” on campus parking you must call the parking office to add your name to the system before your id badge will work.

For more specific information on parking garage locations and hours see the parking office website.

Baltimore’s public transit system includes buses, a subway line, the Light Rail, and commuter trains. MTA Maryland provides numerous transportation options to the East Baltimore campus.
Inclement weather notifications can be found at the Hopkins alerts page.

Personal Budgets, Taxes, and Discounts

The GSA recently held a budgeting and investment seminar.  You can view the recording, slides, documents, and summary of the unrecorded slides from this very informative seminar here.

JHSAP has information on personal budgeting and savings as well as links to recordings of past information sessions.

Salt is a financial literacy resources that includes basic finances, filing taxes, budgeting, student loan payback, etc. It’s a really cool resource for both beginners and those looking to set up a new budget/payback loans, and Hopkins has a subscription making the service free for students.

We have access to Hopkins Perks at Work for various discounts including travel, electronics, and restaurants. It also includes a rewards points system to further increase your buying power.

In addition to the discounts on the Perks at Work site, we have the ability to rent cars using the Hopkins leisure rate for National and Enterprise.

Funding Opportunities

The current stipend levels can be found on the School of Medicine financial aid page.

The GSA awards travel awards to help graduate students attend conferences during their time here.

There is a bonus policy agreed to by all Program directors in 2006 that provides a $3,000 bonus to any student who is awarded a nationally based fellowship of at least $10,000. It is the responsibility of the program to fund the $3,000 bonus.

The Provost’s Office maintains a list of available fellowships:
Fellowships for postdocs
Fellowships for PhD students

The lists will be routinely updated, so make sure to go back to the website. On each page there is a button to your right to download an excel file.

You may find these links useful as well:
Internal JHU funding opportunities from centers and institutes at JHU
General Funding resources and databases

Travel Information

The Hopkins Travel Page offers information and resources for travelers. There are also two places you should register your international travel: the US STEP for enrollment with the government for safety alerts and the Hopkins International Travel Registry to assist school administrators in contacting and offering you assistance in the case of emergencies.

Career Information

There are several offices dedicated to helping students in their career development efforts.

Additionally, Individual Development Plans give advice about different careers.

Mail and Fax Services

The School of Public Health offers two mail customer service areas where you can buy stamps and other mail services. They are located at WB401 Wolfe Street building (in the basement on the Wolfe St side) from 9am-4pm (Closed from 1pm-2pm) Monday-Friday (410-955-3746) and at 139 Hampton House from 9am-4pm (closed from 1pm-3pm) Monday-Friday (410-955-5482). There is also a post office on the Nelson/Harvey building side of the hospital cafeteria that is open from 8am-3pm. There is now a Fedex office located in the Blalock building next to salad creations.

Fax services are also available at the WB401 mail service center.

Poster Printing

  1. PhD Posters has a pickup location in the Cancer Research Buildings
  2. Pathology Photography
  3. Walgreens
  4. All Fedex locations give a Hopkins/student discount. There is now a location on campus at Carnegie 170, 410-502-7637, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Dry Cleaning

There are dry cleaning services available on campus in Carnegie B171.

Housing Office

The housing office has information to help students find housing and accommodations in Baltimore. They provide an apartment checklist, hotel information, moving companies, and daycares and preschools.

Office of International Services

International students looking for information on how to handle their student visas, how to handle their taxes, and international events should check out the Office of International Services’ website.

Office of Institutional Equity

The Office of Institutional Equity handles many matters including student disability accommodations, discrimination and harassment, and sexual assault.

For more information about the JHU sexual assault policies including an appendix of resources for support please see this link. All policies from OIE that pertain to discrimination, harassment, diversity, inclusion, and disability can be found in an alphabetized list here.

Biomedical Odyssey Blog

The Biomedical Odyssey Blog is searching for more graduate student contributors. The blog focuses on showcasing the accomplishments and perspectives of trainees including the students, postdocs, residents, and fellows of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.