GSA Week: Cookout and Pirate Cruise

For Friday and the final day of GSA week, we hosted a cookout in the PCTB courtyard in the afternoon and then took 50 students on the Urban Pirates cruise in Baltimore Harbor!

Thanks for everyone who came out to GSA week to make it a great time and until next time, Arrr Mateys!!

GSA Week: Ice Cream Social with The Charmery

For Thursday of GSA Week, The Charmery came and served us up some fantastically yummy ice cream (even dairy free!) with great toppings and temperature sensitive spoons! We were able to serve 150 people ice cream in less than an hour for this event. Thanks to everyone who came and to The Charmery!

GSA Week: Omelettes by the Omelette Guys

Thanks to everyone who came down to the GSA lounge for to start off GSA week last Monday with a bang! The Omelette Guys served up 75 omelettes for our hungry graduate students to start off a very successful GSA week!