Mt. Vernon Ghostwalk Tour

Come join the GSA for the Mt. Vernon Ghostwalk!  We will see if we can catch any ghosts still lingering in the world of the living after Halloween.  We will meet on Friday November 3rd in front of the Belvedere at 1 Chase St in Mt. Vernon at 7:15pm.  For now, only SOM grad students can purchase tickets, but we can open it up on Thursday evening.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

Fall 2017 Apple Picking

Hi Everyone,

We are planning an apple picking trip to Rock Hill Orchard & Woodbourne Creamery (, which has pick your own apples, fresh from the farm ice cream, and corn mazes! This will be on Saturday September 30th, and we will be carpooling there.  The plan is for carpools to leave Baltimore around noon in order to arrive at the orchard by 1pm.  Then we will stay for about 3 hours until 4pm and arrive back in Baltimore around 5pm.

Once you have RSVP’d via one of the options below, follow the URL in the confirmation email if you would like to signup for the carpool.  It is important to RSVP regardless of whether you are carpooling or not in order to receive day of weather postponing information or possible but unlikely orchard changes due to apple availability.

As for pricing, Rock Hill Orchard charges by bag not by weight as well as an entry fee to the orchard (multiple entry fees are included depending on the size of the bag purchased as seen below).  We should have enough people that nobody will pay an entry fee even if they aren’t picking apples:

  • Small Bag – $12 , includes up to 2 guests. This bag holds 5 to 6 pounds of apples
  • Medium Bag – $21 , includes up to 4 guests. This bag holds 11 to 12 pounds of apples
  • Large Bag -$34 , includes up to 6 guests. This bag holds 22 to 24 pounds of apples
  • Additional guests – $3 each

Their Fall Combo is $11/person for a small bag and entry to both cornmazes.  For groups 10 people or larger, the Fall Combo price is reduced to $10/person if everything is purchased in one transaction (another important reason to RSVP so we know who is coming)!

Hope to see you there!


Online registration for this event is closed

GSA Hike with Hopkins Hikers

The GSA hit the trails this August 5th for a hike in the Catoctin Mountain park​. After a week of thunderstorms, the weather cleared up so we could enjoy the beautiful rolling hills in western Maryland. The hike was lead by Kyla Britson, Kathleen Cunningham, and Michael Ketcha who have started a new student group: Hopkins Hikers. If you were disappointed to miss this hike, never fear! Hopkins Hikers will be leading hikes every month so keep your eyes on the GSA digest to catch future events.

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Monthly Movie Night: Power Rangers

With a blast from the past, this re-envisioning of the Power Rangers’ origins was enjoyed along with pizza and drinks last night in the GSA lounge!

GSA Week: Cookout and Pirate Cruise

For Friday and the final day of GSA week, we hosted a cookout in the PCTB courtyard in the afternoon and then took 50 students on the Urban Pirates cruise in Baltimore Harbor!

Thanks for everyone who came out to GSA week to make it a great time and until next time, Arrr Mateys!!

GSA Week: Ice Cream Social with The Charmery

For Thursday of GSA Week, The Charmery came and served us up some fantastically yummy ice cream (even dairy free!) with great toppings and temperature sensitive spoons! We were able to serve 150 people ice cream in less than an hour for this event. Thanks to everyone who came and to The Charmery!

GSA Week AVAM Night

Thank you all so much for the great turnout for Wednesday’s GSA week event, the GSA Night at the Museum Social and Awards Ceremony! I had a lot of fun, and I hope everyone else had a wonderful time as well enjoying the included food, drinks, amazing art, and awards. I wanted to announce this year’s winners for our inaugural awards:

GSA Program Representative of the Year Award: Joelle Dorskind from the CMM program for her dedication to the GSA and her program
GSA Student Group Leader of the Year Award: Alex Mims Pike for her work in LIFE (Leadership Initiative for the Environment)
GSA Community Service of the Year Award: Daniel Pham for his work in Project Bridge and Brain Fest
GSA Executive Board’s Choice for Citizen of the Year Award: Adler Archer for his pioneering work in developing a Diversity Council at the School of Medicine

I think I speak for the rest of the GSA executive board, and the school in general, when I say that we all sincerely appreciate what you all do for the GSA, the school, and our communities. We appreciate your hard work and dedication, and wish you all the best for the future. Personally, I cannot think of a more deserving set of individuals to be recognized. Congratulations, again! I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the GSA executive board for all their hard work in planning this weeks’ events, as well as my amazing husband (and fellow PhD student) John Bettridge, as well as our wonderful administrator Eric Lee, for their large parts in planning this awards ceremony. A shout-out to the members of the Xiao lab- Xiaoli Weng, Max White, Joshua McCausland, and Xinxing Yang, for helping me with much of the physical labor for the event planning.